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We’re hardwired for negativity, here’s how to beat the odds.

If you go to Yahoo.com, or any other news landing page, 99% of what you see will be negative. The latest serial killer mystery, a horrible story about a parent neglecting their child, or perhaps (definitely) something disgraceful happening in politics. Even if we go outside the realm of current events: have you ever noticed

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The BEST Way to Self-Care

Self-care is all the rage these days, but I don’t think trendy articles on Buzz Feed do it justice. Self-care isn’t just taking a beautiful, Instagram-worthy bath with a glass of wine. Self-care has different forms, and all of these forms are necessary. It’s not just about “feeling good” for a brief moment. (Though that

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Let’s get real about therapy.

I’m a proponent of therapy, but it’s not just because I’m a therapist. Therapy has drastically changed my life. It’s helped me change my patterns of thinking. It’s helped me identify thoughts about myself that were incorrect. It’s helped me release pain and suffering. Therapy is part of the reason I am who I am

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