If you’re asking yourself…

What am I doing here?

To you I say, great question. First off, if you’re looking for a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect smoky eye or 8 different ways to wear a head scarf, you’re in the wrong place. (Does anyone know of a good blog for that though?)

What you WILL find here, are articles that can give you inspiration and advice on how to get through your day, week or life. Or, if you’re in a “I don’t feel like bettering myself rn I just want to laugh and be entertained,” you can sit back and enjoy my rants and raves about the subtleties of life.

Here’s a little breakdown for ya:

  • If you need inspo: In addition to quite a bit of schooling and experience in mental health, I have a genuine passion for learning how to cope better with the stress that comes with life. Here, you will find non-boring articles that touch on subjects such as anxiety, ways to motivate yourself, logical fallacies, CBT techniques, help with reframing negative thoughts….(K are you bored yet?) My point precisely. My hope is to incorporate  real-ness into these ideas to make them a bit more palatable.
  • If you want to laugh: Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s good to get some things off your chest. Here you will find episodes of random things that annoy me, perplex me, or are hilariously angering (<– this may be incorrect grammar) This is not only here for me (though I must say, it is quite therapeutic). It’s also to show you all that it’s okay to be annoyed or stressed or sassy or whatever. For me, the best way to get through situations is to take a deep breath, make it funny, and move on.
  • Unsolicited Opinions: My thoughts on anything and everything. Agree, disagree, whatever you prefer. They’re here if you want ’em.




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