5 Ways to De-Clutter Your Inner World

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Photo from Instagram, @nest.out.west

Stress and Clutter, Sittin’ in a tree 

Clutter and stress go hand-in-hand, and it’s hard to pinpoint which comes first.

(Is my house a mess because I am stressed? Or, am I stressed because my house is a mess?)

Regardless, organizing and de-cluttering your life will decrease stress in your life. (Does anyone else get a strange high after their house is clean and they light a candle? No? Just me?)

I say de-cluttering “your life” because you can apply this principle to many different areas, not just your laundry room.

De-cluttering is an obvious way to help maintain an efficient, orderly home or office. So, what if we apply that same principle to other, more personal parts of our lives? I’d be willing to bet we’d find the same joy and peace we get from re-organizing our junk drawer. 

Whether you’re de-cluttering your inner or outer world, the most important thing to remember is this: start SMALL. One of the biggest reasons people don’t even attempt to de-clutter is because they get overwhelmed and can’t find a place to begin. Starting small will ensure this wont happen.

De-cluttering your inner world
  1. Add some structure 

This can be as simple as going to bed at the same time every night, or you can get real freaky with it and schedule out every hour of your day.

If both of those sound overwhelming, start with just buying a planner or adding things to the calendar in your phone. Like, a few things. Just jot down anything, really. Remember, start small!

2. Journal

I should rename my blog, “The Honest Peach Wants You to Journal,” because I feel like I talk about it in almost every blog post. It’s because IT WORKS.

Sometimes, emptying your thoughts onto a piece of paper is all you need to maintain a sense of calm.

If you really want to take the whole de-clutter idea and run with it, burn the piece of paper after! (Or for a less dangerous proposition, just throw it away.)

3. Say no to something you don’t want to go to

We’ve all gone to social engagments we’ve dreaded, but I have some exciting news… YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO! You don’t owe anyone… anything! (Unless it’s your great grandmother’s 85thbirthday, don’t be an a**hole. Just go.)

Deleting events from your calendar that you aren’t even looking forward to will help your life feel less cluttered (HINT: if you want to go to something, you probably wont think of it as “clutter” to begin with.)

4. Delete people on social media who don’t add value to your life

This is a no-brainer. If you roll your eyes every time you scroll past Brad’s douchey gym selfies or cringe at the thought of reading another political tirade from your mom’s friend Carol, then just unfollow.

Imagine…just enjoying and being interested in every post you see on social media. I’m calmer just thinking about it.  

5. “Clear your head”

After you’ve had a terrible day, what do you do to “clear your head?”

Some examples: Going for a walk, listening to music, working out, reading a book, etc.

The other day, I got some real sh*tty news. Instead of wallowing in my misery on the couch, I went on a bike ride and listened to Mumford and Sons radio. It was melancholy and hilarious; I felt like I was in some sad movie where the character runs out and cries on her bike. (I came close to tears, but I think it was due to the wind?) In the end, I felt sooo much better.

Get out there and de-clutter, people! You brain and your soul will thank you. 





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