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This is honestly getting out of hand.

“Today is National Penguin Awareness Day!”

“Don’t forget to eat dessert, it’s National Cheesecake Day!”

“Happy National Yellow Bat Day!” (I’m not even making this up, this is legitimate.)


A couple of days ago was “National Pay Your Friend Back Day”??????????? It’s safe to say I have some questions.

  • Who decides on the Day? Where is all of this recorded? A national registry of official days?
  • Who is the “National Days” keeper? What sort of education is required in order to be the keeper?
  • Is there a democratic process in order to elect a particular day for a particular item?

Look, I get the gist. Companies try to make “days” to promote their products, etc. I just think there is a limit to these kinds of things, and we have reached said limit.

P.S. Happy National Pigs in a Blanket Day! (eye-roll emoji)


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