Healthy Rants, Episode 1: When Older Generations hate on Millennials


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Why is this so trendy right now?


Gone are the years where:

  • “Types 100 wpm”
    • (that is “words per minute” for all you youngsters)
  • and “Fluent in Microsoft Word and Excel”

are legitimate bullet points we can use on a resume. It’s 2018, the world has moved on. Welders and typists aren’t even jobs anymore (I’m pretty sure most welders just do it as a hobby, right? JK! All you welders out there, put on those weird masks and weld on). Graduating with your high school diploma is now the equivalent of graduating from elementary school. Jobs want five years of experience by the time you’re 20… and a car… and a stable relationship… and a credit score of 800.

“We had to use our own two, bare hands! I built my own house!” – says every Grandfather ever

It’s a whole new world

I’m sorry, but we’re now in a world where knowing how to back up your data and utilize social media is more valuable to the job force than knowing how to make cement (use cement? Buy cement? What is cement???). Hate on us all you want, but a lot of people over the age of 50 still haven’t figured out you need to look at the camera while you’re FaceTiming. (Mom….stop cleaning while you talk to me. It’s making me dizzy, and defeats the purpose of FaceTiming. Just call me.)

But do we hate? No. Because it’s adorable and we understand that you grew up when computers took up the entire first floor of a building.  (Okay, technically, this entire post is hating but you did it first!!!)

Give us a break

But hey, I’m not blaming you for our shortcomings. Because us millennials are understanding people who want everyone to be equal. Maybe we are annoying, social-media-driven idiots, and maybe you are as old and outdated as Window’s 96’? The world has changed and we have been forced to change along with it. All I’m asking is that you cut us a break.

If you don’t, I will be forced to unplug and rewire your cable box and internet router. Surely you could put those two hands to work again?


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